Jamaican Fresh Leaf of Life (Bryophyllum Pinnatum)


Fresh Leaf of Life from Jamaica – can be planted.

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The Leaf of Life is a holistic herb that possesses a number of health benefits and is useful in the treatment of quite a few ailments. The plant does have antiviral, antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal properties. Leaf of Life’s traditional use as an effective treatment for asthma and insect bites might be so due to the plant’s antihistamine and anaphylactic properties. Consuming Leaf of Life herbal tea has also been known to clean the bladder, urine and remove harmful bacteria from the intestines. The leaves can also be used to treat mastitis in nursing mothers by crushing it and mixing it with castor oil then applying it to the breast. Research done in Hawaii has also shown that the plant has noticeable effects on cancer tissues.

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