HoneyKist Flavoured honey


100% all-natural Jamaican honey with a “chups” (kiss) of flavour; in ginger, lime, Blue Mountain coffee, pimento/allspice, habanero/scotch bonnet pepper.



HoneyKist’s gourmet Honey is a premium line of naturally flavoured 100% pure raw Jamaican honey delicately harvested at the peak of maturity and aged to perfection. Currently available in five different flavours:

  • ginger
  • lime
  • blue mountain coffee
  • pimento/allspice
  • habanero/scotch bonnet pepper

HoneyKist honey are born of the sun-drenched Jamaican countryside. Never heated or steeped in the heat of the sun, they contain no artificial flavours, oils or preservatives.

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Habanero Pepper Fusion, Ginger, Blue Mountain Coffee, Lime, Pimento Fusion


9 oz, 12 oz

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