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Jamaican Wild Basil/Ocimum gratissimum

Jamaican Wild Basil/Ocimum gratissimum

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Wild basil in Jamaica is used to make nice tasting beverages. The tea is lovely and has a great flavor. For fever and pain the decoction is taken as a drink and also as a bath. Alternatively the body may be rubbed with the leaves. For colds the leaves may be ground up to provide a snuff, and a bath with ginger root added may be used. It is also probably used as a laxative for babies. In the Grenadines and in Jamaica it is considered valuable for difficult menstruation. In Antigua it was, and may still be, used for bronchitis, colic, and convulsions in children.

Please note that the information provided is solely for the informational purposes and not medical advice. Therefore, it is important that you consult your physician before taking any herbs. We do not take responsibility for any effects of herbs purchased and cannot be held liable in no way for use of our herbs.

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