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Jamaican Irish Moss/Carrageen Moss

Jamaican Irish Moss/Carrageen Moss

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In Jamaica,  Irish Moss is boiled with milk and cinnamon along with other herb to make the thick drink “Irish Moss” and it is believed to be an aphrodisiac by most men. Another super drink of this product is adding a stout  ( Guinness, dragon or any other stout) to your drink and enjoy this lovely creamy drink.

Also known as carrageen moss or chrondrus crispus, Irish moss is a species of red alga that can be found along the coast of Europe and North America. Popularized in Jamaica and other Caribbean countries, the Irish moss drink is a beverage made from boiling the alga for an hour while adding flavorings, sweetened condensed milk, rum and spices. Though Irish moss has established a reputation for its moisturizing and vitalizing properties when included in lotions and oils, additional health benefits range from treating ulcers to preventing cholesterol accumulation

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