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Herbal Teas

Posted by on 12/22/2017

Jamaican Herbal Teas for Health

The drink we know of as tea is a wholesome drink, and much better for us than most other hot beverages. However, as far as health benefits are concerned, herbal teas are a big step up again.

Herbal teas can be very refreshing, but beyond that that be viewed as medicine to treat conditions, or tonics to prevent them. Depending on the herbal infusion you choose, you can help relieve certain symptoms and ailments.

The secret is in knowing what type of herbal infusion or tea to take when you need to. For example, there are teas that stimulate and invigorate, and there are varieties that calm and relax. 

Jamaican Ginger Powder

Ginger tea is also known for its ability to encourage weight loss. It detoxifies the body of excess toxins, neutralizes free radicals, cleanses the digestive system and kidneys, and improves blood circulation. Ginger possesses properties that increases metabolic rate to help burn calories that might otherwise become body fat. Put some water in the kettle, make a cup of Jamaican ginger tea, switch your television to your favorite channel, sit down, relax and enjoy your day with a taste of Jamaican Ginger tea .

Jamaican Dandelion Tea

Dandelion is rich in antioxidants and vitamins and balances the body’s pH levels.The acid balancing properties of dandelion tea aids in body detoxing and helps regulate bowel movements.