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Air Dried Guava / Goiaba, Goiabeiro, Goyabe Leaves

Air Dried Guava / Goiaba, Goiabeiro, Goyabe Leaves

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Guava is a very common type of fruit in Jamaica and is among the favorite fruit for many adults and children. The fruit is round or pear-shaped with light green, yellow or maroon skin and white or maroon flesh that contains many small, hard edible seeds. It is soft when ripe with a sweet, musky aroma and creamy in texture.

Apart from the distinctive flavor and fragrance, guava is actually a super fruit because of its numerous health-promoting qualities. Along with the fruit, the bark and leaves of guava trees also provide numerous health benefits.

Guava has a high content of vitamins C and A. In fact, one guava fruit contains 4 times more vitamin C than an average-size orange and 10 times more vitamin A than a lemon.

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