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At Jamrockmart.com, we provide a friendly experience to make you feel like shopping at home or  shopping like a visitor to our wonderful Island. Here you will get all our HERBS ( moringa, soursop, guinea hen weed, bizzy etc)  Spices ( nutmeg, allspice/pimento seeds, vanilla etc), High demand Seasonings (Ahhhh our Jerk seasoning, oxtail seasoning, BBQ rum sauce etc keeps you wanting more) , Ohhhh Yes! OUR JAMAICAN BLUE MOUNTAIN COFFEE, Jamaican Fruit / rum cake and many of our other products all made in Jamaica or used in many Jamaican household. 

So here we go, send us your suggestionS, request your favourite Jamaican products and enjoy your Jamaican shopping experience. We provide excellent customer service, authentic Jamaican products and a lifetime experience with us. 

As a part of your experience, we try to keep you abreast of what’s happening in Jamaica. Enjoy our daily recipes and don’t be afraid to send us your videos and pictures of your meals / products. 

Happy shopping and a have fantastic experience with us!